By Leah Stacy

Many of my fAVORITE MOMENTS IN LIFE   happen   around a table.

From family dinners that left my sides aching with laughter and friends gathered to share life to quality time with just one other person. When you can put away your phone and have a good conversation, something amazing happens.

Think back to the last time you met someone new. The last time you gathered with friends or family. Chances are, you bonded over a hearty meal. Maybe a glass of wine. Perhaps even a new cocktail or a beer was the topic of conversation. 

Food and drink is the great equalizer. We all need it, love it and have (strong) opinions about it. There's a reason food blogs and reviews are so popular. There's a reason we make fun of food photos on Instagram yet they're still getting thousands of likes every day. But food and drink also holds unending potential to build a community.

who are we?

The team at Boomtown Table is comprised of trained journalists and photographers, farmers, bartenders, media creators and restaurateurs. We're coming from our fields, cubicles, pine, and lines to share our expertise and knowledge.

why boomtown?

The inspiration behind the name "Boomtown Table" is twofold.

  1. When the Erie Canal opened in the 1820s, Rochester became one of the nation's first boomtowns.
  2. A boomtown is a place that's rapidly growing economically (which we believe Rochester and the Finger Lakes will continue to do, especially in regard to food and drink), and a table is not only a place where we eat and drink, but also a place where we can gather to share thoughts, idea, and plans. 

what to expect

A new take on local food and drink coverage. We're inspired by national outlets like Lucky Peach, Grub Street, Civil Eats and Eater. We like memes and gifs  but we also care a lot about food policy, poverty and education.  

Don't be surprised if you find a lot of longform and multimedia on the site, either. We think longform journalism is a lost art, and we want to preserve it. As for multimedia, sometimes that is the most powerful way to tell a story.  

Oh, and did we mention events? That's going to be a big part of what we do as well. 

pull up a chair

Visit our site. Read our stories. Come to our events. Share your ideas. 

We're looking forward to meeting you — so go ahead, pull up a chair.