The Story of Sushi & Beyond

We're stoked to partner with Wegmans for a three-part video series about sushi—and beyond—at Next Door by Wegmans.

"Part I: Ingredients" tells the story of a meal, from fresh seafood deliveries to the best Japanese-style rice in the U.S.

In "Part II: Chefs," you'll meet Loi, Satoshi, and Mikami—three world-class chefs who, like different grapes in a fine wine, make what General Manager Mauricio Valdivia calls "a beautiful blend."

In "Part II: Experience," we take you behind-the-scenes during one of the special Mikami Dinners. This PARTICULAR event, "East Meets West," featured Japanese and Spanish dishes by Chef Tadao Mikami and visiting Chef Danny Chavez-Bello from  Bouley Restaurant.  (the duo spent three months creating the menu.)

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Produced with our friends at Fish & Crown Creative.